Notorious by Crossville

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Notorious by Crossville Inc. takes the city by storm with style and strength. Don’t just create a space, design one with creative impact.  With six distinct concrete visuals, Notorious delivers urban sophistication with a level of endurance that true concrete just can’t offer. Together with a wide variety of modular sizing, mosaics, a brick plank and coordinating trim, the warm neutrals of Notorious offer design flexibility in one complete package. For even more surfacing solutions, this series blends nicely with Crossville’s most recent introduction – Nest – a wood-look porcelain.

Color: Femme Fatale 12"X12" Honed
  • Femme Fatale 12"X12" Honed
  • Femme Fatale 12"X12" Unpolished
  • Femme Fatale 12"X24" Honed
  • Femme Fatale 12"X24" Unpolished
  • Femme Fatale 24"X24" Honed
  • Femme Fatale 24"X24" Unpolished
  • Femme Fatale 24"X36" Honed
  • Femme Fatale 24"X36" Unpolished
  • Femme Fatale 3"X15" Unpolished
  • Femme Fatale Mosaic 12"X12"
  • Film Noir 12"X12" Honed
  • Film Noir 12"X12" Unpolished
  • Film Noir 12"X24" Honed
  • Film Noir 12"X24" Unpolished
  • Film Noir 24"X24" Honed
  • Film Noir 24"X24" Unpolished
  • Film Noir 24"X36" Honed
  • Film Noir 24"X36" Unpolished
  • Film Noir 3"X15" Unpolished
  • Film Noir Mosaic 12"X12"
  • Leading Man 12"X12" Honed
  • Leading Man 12"X12" Unpolished
  • Leading Man 12"X24" Honed
  • Leading Man 12"X24" Unpolished
  • Leading Man 24"X24" Honed
  • Leading Man 24"X24" Unpolished
  • Leading Man 24"X36" Honed
  • Leading Man 24"X36" Unpolished
  • Leading Man 3"X15" Unpolished
  • Leading Man Mosaic 12"X12"
  • Private Eye 12"X12" Honed
  • Private Eye 12"X12" Unpolished
  • Private Eye 12"X24" Honed
  • Private Eye 12"X24" Unpolished
  • Private Eye 24"X24" Honed
  • Private Eye 24"X24" Unpolished
  • Private Eye 24"X36" Honed
  • Private Eye 24"X36" Unpolished
  • Private Eye 3"X15" Unpolished
  • Private Eye Mosaic 12"X12"
  • Sugar Daddy 12"X12" Honed
  • Sugar Daddy 12"X12" Unpolished
  • Sugar Daddy 12"X24" Honed
  • Sugar Daddy 12"X24" Unpolished
  • Sugar Daddy 24"X24" Honed
  • Sugar Daddy 24"X24" Unpolished
  • Sugar Daddy 24"X36" Honed
  • Sugar Daddy 24"X36" Unpolished
  • Sugar Daddy 3"X15" Unpolished
  • Sugar Daddy Mosaic 12"X12"
  • Suspense 12"X12" Honed
  • Suspense 12"X12" Unpolished
  • Suspense 12"X24" Honed
  • Suspense 12"X24" Unpolished
  • Suspense 24"X24" Honed
  • Suspense 24"X24" Unpolished
  • Suspense 24"X36" Honed
  • Suspense 24"X36" Unpolished
  • Suspense 3"X15" Unpolished
  • Suspense Mosaic 12"X12"
Available Size: 12" X 12"
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Product Line
Femme Fatale 12"X12" Honed
12" X 12"
Field Tile
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