Natural stone flooring and you

Natural stone flooring is an impressive material line, offering exceptional benefits that could efficiently serve you for over 50 years with professional installation. These materials easily handle daily wear and stand up to everything your lifestyle can throw at it, even with pets and children in the home. Natural stone tiles could be the answer if you're looking for a floor covering with the performance and visual appeal you need.

Each stone floor offers specific benefits

Each stone type offers specific characteristics and benefits, meaning travertine may work better than marble flooring. Therefore, it's essential to start your shopping experience with a clear idea of your requirements and preferences so that you can match flooring types for the perfect fit.

Here are some benefits you can expect from these two natural stone flooring types.

  • Marble - Marble flooring is perfect for high-end spaces that demand elegance. It's also easy to clean, offers extensive color choices, and is allergen resistant. Of course, sealing these materials is necessary, but doing so provides excellent wear resistance.
  • Travertine - For exceptional water and moisture resistance, easy maintenance, versatility, and durability, travertine tiles are a great fit. These products are a cost-effective way to take advantage of natural stone materials, and you’ll want to learn more.

Plenty of other benefits and characteristics are available with natural stone flooring, including how well it pairs with underfoot heating. Since stone distributes heat well, you'll notice warmth and comfort in all four corners of every room. To discuss these benefits and compare them with your flooring needs, feel free to spend time in our showroom at your convenience.

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At Brucke Flooring Co., we offer an excellent assortment of marble, travertine, and more to meet any need on your remodeling list. We also provide an experience you can trust, from start to finish, including installation cleanup and genuine integrity. You'll know what to expect before the process starts, and we offer a free estimate once you choose the products you prefer for projects large and small.

You can visit our showroom in Tulsa, OK, at your convenience to speak with flooring specialists currently standing by to help you. Share your requirements, and we'll help you find answers to all your questions concerning natural stone flooring materials and services. Our services areas include Tulsa, OK, Jenks, OK, Broken Arrow, OK, Owasso, OK, Coweta, OK, Collinsville, OK, Sand Springs, OK, Sapulpa, OK, and Tulsa, OK.