Cursive by Crossville

Tile |SKU# CRV01.10204DEM

As unique as your penmanship, Cursive brings signature style to your interior design. Let walls be your memoir as you write with the eclectic colors and shapes of Cursive ceramic wall tile series by Crossville. Punctuate spaces with light and dark colors. Blend interesting shapes to create the loops and lines of your manuscript. Craft an epic tale with the collection’s handmade variation that lends design depth and promises to wow.

Color: Ghost Mosaic 2"X4" Demilune
  • Charcoal 3"X12"
  • Charcoal 3"X6"
  • Charcoal 6"X6"
  • Charcoal Mosaic 2"X4" Demilune
  • Charcoal Mosaic 3"X6" 2-Corner
  • Charcoal Mosaic 4"X4" Circle
  • Charcoal Mosaic 6"X6" 4-Corner
  • Charcoal Mosaic 6"X6" Triangle
  • Ghost 3"X12"
  • Ghost 3"X6"
  • Ghost 6"X6"
  • Ghost Mosaic 2"X4" Demilune
  • Ghost Mosaic 3"X6" 2-Corner
  • Ghost Mosaic 4"X4" Circle
  • Ghost Mosaic 6"X6" 4-Corner
  • Ghost Mosaic 6"X6" Triangle
  • Goldenrod 3"X12"
  • Goldenrod 3"X6"
  • Goldenrod 6"X6"
  • Goldenrod Mosaic 2"X4" Demilune
  • Goldenrod Mosaic 3"X6" 2-Corner
  • Goldenrod Mosaic 4"X4" Circle
  • Goldenrod Mosaic 6"X6" 4-Corner
  • Goldenrod Mosaic 6"X6" Triangle
  • Iris 3"X12"
  • Iris 3"X6"
  • Iris 6"X6"
  • Iris Mosaic 2"X4" Demilune
  • Iris Mosaic 3"X6" 2-Corner
  • Iris Mosaic 4"X4" Circle
  • Iris Mosaic 6"X6" 4-Corner
  • Iris Mosaic 6"X6" Triangle
  • Old Denim 3"X12"
  • Old Denim 3"X6"
  • Old Denim 6"X6"
  • Old Denim Mosaic 2"X4" Demilune
  • Old Denim Mosaic 3"X6" 2-Corner
  • Old Denim Mosaic 4"X4" Circle
  • Old Denim Mosaic 6"X6" 4-Corner
  • Old Denim Mosaic 6"X6" Triangle
  • Oxblood 3"X12"
  • Oxblood 3"X6"
  • Oxblood 6"X6"
  • Oxblood Mosaic 2"X4" Demilune
  • Oxblood Mosaic 3"X6" 2-Corner
  • Oxblood Mosaic 4"X4" Circle
  • Oxblood Mosaic 6"X6" 4-Corner
  • Oxblood Mosaic 6"X6" Triangle
  • Rose Gold 3"X12"
  • Rose Gold 3"X6"
  • Rose Gold 6"X6"
  • Rose Gold Mosaic 2"X4" Demilune
  • Rose Gold Mosaic 3"X6" 2-Corner
  • Rose Gold Mosaic 4"X4" Circle
  • Rose Gold Mosaic 6"X6" 4-Corner
  • Rose Gold Mosaic 6"X6" Triangle
  • Smoke 3"X12"
  • Smoke 3"X6"
  • Smoke 6"X6"
  • Smoke Mosaic 2"X4" Demilune
  • Smoke Mosaic 3"X6" 2-Corner
  • Smoke Mosaic 4"X4" Circle
  • Smoke Mosaic 6"X6" 4-Corner
  • Smoke Mosaic 6"X6" Triangle
  • Soft Teal 3"X12"
  • Soft Teal 3"X6"
  • Soft Teal 6"X6"
  • Soft Teal Mosaic 2"X4" Demilune
  • Soft Teal Mosaic 3"X6" 2-Corner
  • Soft Teal Mosaic 4"X4" Circle
  • Soft Teal Mosaic 6"X6" 4-Corner
  • Soft Teal Mosaic 6"X6" Triangle
Available Size: 2" X 4"
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Product Line
Ghost Mosaic 2"X4" Demilune
2" X 4"
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