Bluestone by Crossville

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Like its namesake, the soft, earthen tones of Bluestone Porcelain Stone® ground practically any space, indoors or out, in nuanced natural-stone style. Subtle shell-like glints and fossil-inspired impressions hint at the landscapes of our past, while showcasing truly timeless American design.

Color: Pennsylvania Blue 12"X12"
  • Arizona Brown 12"X12"
  • Arizona Brown 12"X12" Honed
  • Arizona Brown 12"X24"
  • Arizona Brown 12"X24" Honed
  • Arizona Brown 24"X24"
  • Arizona Brown 24"X24" Honed
  • Arizona Brown 6"X24"
  • Arizona Brown 6"X24" Honed
  • Arizona Brown 6"X6"
  • Arizona Brown 6"X6" Honed
  • Arizona Brown Mosaic 2"X2"
  • Arizona Brown Mosaic 3"X6"
  • Arizona Brown Mosaic Random
  • Colorado Buff 12"X12"
  • Colorado Buff 12"X12" Honed
  • Colorado Buff 12"X24"
  • Colorado Buff 12"X24" Honed
  • Colorado Buff 24"X24"
  • Colorado Buff 24"X24" Honed
  • Colorado Buff 6"X24"
  • Colorado Buff 6"X24" Honed
  • Colorado Buff 6"X6"
  • Colorado Buff 6"X6" Honed
  • Colorado Buff Mosaic 2"X2"
  • Colorado Buff Mosaic 3"X6"
  • Colorado Buff Mosaic Random
  • Pennsylvania Blue 12"X12"
  • Pennsylvania Blue 12"X12" Honed
  • Pennsylvania Blue 12"X24"
  • Pennsylvania Blue 12"X24" Honed
  • Pennsylvania Blue 24"X24"
  • Pennsylvania Blue 24"X24" Honed
  • Pennsylvania Blue 6"X24"
  • Pennsylvania Blue 6"X24" Honed
  • Pennsylvania Blue 6"X6"
  • Pennsylvania Blue 6"X6" Honed
  • Pennsylvania Blue Mosaic 2"X2"
  • Pennsylvania Blue Mosaic 3"X6"
  • Pennsylvania Blue Mosaic Random
  • Vermont Black 12"X12"
  • Vermont Black 12"X12" Honed
  • Vermont Black 12"X24"
  • Vermont Black 12"X24" Honed
  • Vermont Black 24"X24"
  • Vermont Black 24"X24" Honed
  • Vermont Black 6"X24"
  • Vermont Black 6"X24" Honed
  • Vermont Black 6"X6"
  • Vermont Black 6"X6" Honed
  • Vermont Black Mosaic 2"X2"
  • Vermont Black Mosaic 3"X6"
  • Vermont Black Mosaic Random
Available Size: 12" X 12"
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Pennsylvania Blue 12"X12"
12" X 12"
Field Tile
Shade Range

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