tulsa flooring for residential and commercial brucke flooring

tulsa flooring for residential and commercial brucke flooring

Hardwood flooring?was once the most predominant type of flooring on the market. When people finally started upgrading from dirt floors to ones made of wood, carpeting was considered a luxury. Now we?ve come full circle back to a time when people are beginning to reevaluate the benefits of hardwood and install it in their homes instead of carpeting and for good reason. There are plenty of benefits that hardwood flooring offers that other types of flooring can?t.

Wood Floors are Hypoallergenic

One of the most notable benefits of hardwood flooring is how hypoallergenic it is. Wood doesn?t have the dust- and allergen-catching fibers that carpeting does. Instead, hardwood is exactly as its name implies: just hard strips of wood. You won?t have to worry about dirt, dust and debris settling within the fibers of hardwood because hardwood doesn?t have such fibers for it to settle in. Instead, any allergens will just lie on the surface rather than trapping them within it where they can keep resurfacing.

For this reason, hardwood floors are called hypoallergenic, which makes them healthier for people who suffer from allergies, asthma and other types of breathing conditions. Hardwood flooring generally lends to your home or business having a better air quality that makes it healthier for you to breathe the air within the structure.

Wood Flooring is Low Maintenance

If you?ve ever had carpeting, then you know that you have to vacuum it frequently to attempt to suck up all the dirt and dust that gets trapped within the fibers of the carpet. However, you won?t have to worry about all that when you have hardwood floors. You can say goodbye to heavy vacuum cleaners. Hardwood flooring is relatively low maintenance in that it?s easy to clean. Simply sweet and mop it to clean up any dirt, dust and debris that?s gathered on its surface. You also won?t have to worry about hardwood harboring any pet dander that can lend your home an animalistic smell.

Additionally, when it comes to stains, you generally won?t have to worry at all. Whereas if you spill red wine or some other dark staining product on a carpet, you?ll have to act quickly to attempt to get the stain out (and even then you might not always be able to get it out), when you spill such staining substances on a hardwood floor, you won?t have to worry about staining as much. As long as you wipe the substance up from the floor without allowing it to sit for hours and fester, the mess will be cleaned very easily with no staining.

Wood Flooring is Long-Lasting

Wood flooring is also more long-lasting than many other types of flooring. Because it won?t get stained up as quickly as carpeting, for instance, you won?t have to replace it as soon as you would carpeting. Likewise, wood flooring is made of wood, which is durable and can stand up against wear and tear. Wood flooring, for instance, holds up better against the wear and tear that high-traffic areas of the home can cause. Whereas carpeting quickly becomes tamped down and looks pressed and aged, wood flooring won?t do that, and even if wood flooring does begin to show signs of aging, it can be refinished to restore it back to its former ?new wood? glow.

Wood Flooring is Aesthetically Pleasing

Of course, one of the primary and initial reasons why many people choose hardwood floors is because they are aesthetically pleasing. Simply put, hardwood flooring looks good. Nothing is more beautiful than wood in its natural state, and wood flooring can complement virtually any design theme. Regardless of whether you want to create a vintage, medieval-looking aesthetic in your home or if you?re going for a more modern, contemporary vibe, wood flooring will match any design scheme you choose. It?s warm and complements everything.

Wood flooring also makes it easier for you to change your design theme in the future if you?re the kind of person who likes to change according to the season or just when you become sick of the same old thing all the time. With hardwood floors, you won?t have to select a new carpeting color that will complement your new theme. You can rest assured that your hardwood floors will always match any theme that you decide to go with.

No Fading with Wood Floors

This kind of goes back to the longevity issue. Whereas the color of some other types of flooring may fade over time, hardwood floors do no lose their color. You won?t have to worry about fading over time. If anything, some types of wood flooring may only darker and become richer-looking with age. Hardwood floors have a steady appearance that you won?t have to replace for a long time ? if ever. Most hardwood floors, once installed by a flooring company, are durable enough to last throughout the owner?s lifetime and even some of later generations as well.

Wood Flooring Adds Value

Because of its many benefits hardwood flooring add value to your property. Properties that have hardwood floors installed in them tend to sell for higher market values than those that don?t. The reason for this is mostly due to their longevity and popularity. Many people love the look of hardwood floors, and they?re versatile enough to go with any design theme, so they appeal to a wider range of buyers. Even many of the buyers who do want carpet don?t want someone else?s carpet. They see that as additional costs that they must factor into buying the home when they?ll have to plan on getting the carpeting replaced to avoid someone else?s dander, germs and allergens. People are generally willing to pay more for hardwood floors that are already installed simply so that they don?t have to change the carpeting or deal with the hassle of contacting a flooring company themselves.

Refinishing Wood Floors

But what if you get tired of the color of your hardwood floors? While all wood flooring will got with any design scheme, there are different hues and colors of woods. If you?re not happy with the lightness or darkness of your wood, it?s relatively easy to change it. Instead of having to rip it up and put down new product, all you have to do is refinish your wood flooring.

Refinishing wood flooring is relatively simple. It simply consists of sanding off all the old polyurethane and stain and staining the wood with new colors. You won?t have to pay a flooring company for the cost of new floors, so it saves you money.

Wood Flooring is Cost Effective

You might be thinking that wood flooring is one of the more expensive options when it comes to flooring options. When you go into a flooring company and look at all the choices available, wood flooring seems a bit pricier than many of the other options. However, if you look at the prices in the long-term perspective, wood floors are actually one of the cheapest flooring options available. The reason for this is that you buy them one time and take care of them, and they?ll last you your whole life probably. You won?t have to deal with replacing them due to them getting old or worn out. They?ll be just as lovely (if not lovelier) 50 years later as they were the day you installed them, and you can always sand them down and refinish them to bring them into the modern century if you want to.

Types of Hardwood Floors

There are many different types of hardwood flooring on the market nowadays too, and each type has its own special properties that differentiate it from all the rest. Some of the most popular types of hardwood flooring on the market nowadays include the following:

Bamboo?Wood Flooring

While bamboo isn?t technically hardwood in the same sense that some other types of hardwood is, most people count it as such since it looks just like hardwood when it?s put down. It?s one of the more affordable types of hardwood out there, but it is best suited for areas that aren?t damp or humid.

Maple?Wood Flooring

Maple flooring is a subtle grain pattern that makes it suitable for both large and small places. It?s one of the most popular types of hardwood flooring due to its durability, but it?s not very porous, which means it doesn?t always accept all kinds of stains very well.

Rosewood?Wood Flooring

Rosewood has more unique grain patterns, and you can get it in hues ranging for yellow to purple. Rosewood was traditionally a type of wood that was most used in furniture making, but now it?s being used more and more for hardwood flooring.

Walnut Wood Flooring

Walnut is one of the strongest types of woods on the market. It tends to be darker in color naturally, and it is so strong that it?s oftentimes the type of wood that?s recommended for areas where you anticipate having a lot of traffic, such as at a business or a home where they are children and pets.

Cherry Wood Flooring

Cherry wood has a pinkish hue that only deepens over time, and it?s oftentimes used to create an ambiance of elegance in a space. There is also Brazilian cherry that kind of has a brownish pinkish tone and is more durable than simple cherry.

Countless others types of Wood Flooring

There are countless other types of hardwoods out there, such as hickory, ash, pine, mahogany and more. They have have slightly different grains and colors, and all are great choices for your home or business.

Can You Install Wood Floors Yourself?

You know about all the many reputable benefits of wood floors. Now you?d like to add some to your home. Do you have to let a flooring company install them for you, or can you do it yourself? The answer depends on you and how willing you are to get involved in a do-it-yourself project.

You can install wood floors on your own instead of letting a flooring company do it for you. Some people choose to go this route because a flooring company will not only charge you for the cost of the flooring, but they?ll also charge you for their labor, and their labor costs are oftentimes just as much (if not more than) the cost of the wood floors themselves. There are both pros and cons to using a flooring company and not using one.

Using a Flooring Company

If you use a?flooring company, you can pretty much rest assured that your floors will be installed properly. These companies specialize in installing their products. They do countless installations every day. Therefore, you can be confident that they know the proper way to install them. Not only that, they?ll have all the specialized tools necessary to make the installation process go that much easier and quicker. This means that they?ll likely be able to get your floors completely installed and finished up way quicker than you probably would be able to on your own.

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DIY Method

There are many?benefits of choosing a professional flooring company over the do-it-yoursellf method, however, if you?re up to the challenge and determine to save some money, you can install your hardwood flooring yourself. In order to make the process go easier, you?ll probably want to buy or rent pneumatic flooring nail gun. These nail guns are basically special nail guns that are designed to accommodate the larger size of flooring nail that you?ll use to nail down your floors. When you install hardwood floors, you don?t simply nail the boards directly down onto the floor. If you did, you?d be able to see all the nails in the floor, and who wants that?

Instead, you use a flooring nail gun to nail the boards together from the notches in the side. You position the gun against the side of the board and usually slap the level with a mallet to activate the pressurized gun, causing it to shoot the nails into the side of the wood. Of course, the nail gun requires an air compressor in order to operate it, so you?ll have to buy or rent one of those too if you don?t have one.

You?ll also probably need to watch a few online tutorials before attempting to put down hardwood floors yourself. You?ll want to make sure that you consider the way you want your floors run, and you generally start in the center of the room and work your way out. Additionally, you?ll need to be prepared to make cuts when you get the edges of your room to make the boards fit properly, and all of that will require specific measuring and a skill saw or circular saw. You?ll also want to note that there is a bit of an art to staggering the boards so that they look right. You usually don?t want all your boards to be parallel unless you are laying down long planks of hardwood that runs from one side of the room to the other all away across it in a shiplap style.

Unless you?re pretty confident with using the aforementioned tools and doing the tasks described above, it might be best to leave the installation of your new flooring up to the professionals.

Wood Floors for Residential and Commercial Purposes

Regardless of whether you have a residential or commercial property, hardwood flooring is always an advantageous choice for your flooring. Not only does it look good, but it?s long-lasting and more cost effective in the long run. Its low-maintenance qualities also make it an ideal choice if you don?t want the type of flooring that you have to constantly fuss over. Increase your property?s value and make your life easier at the same time by investing in hardwood flooring.

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