restoring your hardwood floors

restoring your hardwood floors

The benefits of restoring your hardwood floors

Wood is an aesthetically pleasing flooring choice that?s been used in flooring for generations. It?s beloved for its many unique characteristics that other flooring materials lack. For example, wood floors instantly add charm and sophistication to a room, providing a space that keeps the entire family comfortable. Wood flooring is strong, durable, and it?s hypoallergenic. Plus, wood floors have a long life expectancy, offering a 25+ lifespan in most cases. Many hardwood floor users prefer older styles versus new wood styles. As they say, they just don?t make it as they used too. Older hardwood flooring accentuates any home, but over time, wear and tear deplete the ambiance the flooring offers. Luckily, refinishing/restoration service is available to protect older wood floors from replacement.

After restoration/refinishing service, the wood floor regains its charm, durability, and good looks that improve the overall appeal of the home. It eliminates the need to replace the floor, which can certainly be a complex, expensive job that still may not provide the same satisfaction as your older wood flooring. Wood restoration service revives and protects the flooring, giving homeowners many more years of enjoyment along the way. Although some wood flooring is ineligible for restoration service, about 95% of all homeowners find that their flooring is suitable for refinishing. This simple service improves the look and appeal of your home, increases efficiency, improves energy, and much more. If there is a wood floor in your home, this service is one that can benefit you tremendously.

A Face Lift for The Floor

Wood refinishing service is a facelift for the floor, instantly bringing out the best of the wood and hiding the imperfections. Refinishing hides those unsightly blemishes, restores fading, quietens squeaky boards, and otherwise revives the flooring to a like-new condition. Professional restoration technicians can repair and patch holes, remove pet urine odors and stains, and ensure loose boards are quickly repaired.

Never attempt refinishing yourself, however. Sure, DIY products are sitting on the shelves but these products fail to offer the same long-lasting, efficient work as a professional. Furthermore, these kits don?t include tools and equipment needed to perform the job, nor do they help make repairs to any damaged wood.

Can My Wood Floor be Refinished?

Most wood floors are eligible for refinishing service, although some may be too damaged or worn out for the service to be effective. A flooring technician will inspect the floor to determine if it exhibits terminal conditions that indicate refinishing won?t help. Signs that you shouldn?t refinish the floor include:

  • Flooring with severe structural damage
  • Floors that have extreme movement between the boards
  • Floors that have been sanded too many times

A professional flooring company technician will help determine if your flooring is eligible to be refinished or if it?s time to replace. There is a good chance that restoration service will revive your flooring without the same costs and hassle as a replacement.

How a Professional Restores Your Hardwood Flooring

A wood floor technician from a flooring company comes to the home, first evaluating the condition of the flooring. If restoration is possible, the technician then applies a protective finish to the floor. When correctly applied, this finish prevents everyday wear from destroying the floor sooner than it should. The finish also removes oils, dirt, and dust from the floor to enhance the appeal and reduce risks of damage.

Most homeowners schedule restoration service once per year, although it?s sometimes performed once every six months. Let the floor guide you to the frequency in which restoration is best. If the floor looks old and worn, then it?s safe to say it?s time to make the call. Restoration service costs are reasonable and well worth the expense when all is said and done.

Benefits of Hardwood Floors Restoration

Properly maintained, hardwood floors offer owners up to 25-years lifetime; some last much longer. It?s important to care for your wood floors every day using the information given when it was installed. Furthermore, once the flooring begins to age, restoration service is important. No matter the age of the floor, restoration service offers exceptional benefits that create a like-new appearance in no time. Wood floor restoration/refinishing benefits include:

  • Improve the aesthetic appeal of the flooring and the entire home
  • Expand the lifetime of the wood floors
  • Less maintenance, less dust and less cleaning necessary
  • Reduce the risk of damages
  • Save money
  • Add a glossy shine to the floor

How to Choose a Flooring Company

If you need a great flooring company to provide restoration services, do your homework before hiring anyone to complete the job. Some companies offer mediocre service, at best, yet charge full price for their work. Avoid this company and search for a flooring company who:

  • Is licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Offers free estimates and competitive prices
  • Is professional and reliable; interested in completing the work
  • Has a good reputation in the community
  • Stands behind his work with a guarantee/warranty

The flooring company chosen for restoration service impacts the overall quality of the work and your satisfaction. With the internet readily available, learning everything you could possibly want to know about a flooring company is simple. Don?t hire a flooring company and hope for the best when finding an industry leader is simple if you do your homework.

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