Cross-Colors Mingles by Crossville

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Mix and match with Cross Colors Mingles. Meticulously matched by one of the most sought-after color forecasters in the industry, Cross-Colors is a designer go-to for on-trend color and one-of-a-kind style. Strikingly simple design lets a full spectrum of colors and textures shine.

Color: Sand Bisque 8"X8" Cross-Tread
  • Brown Tweed 12"X12" Cross-Slate
  • Brown Tweed 12"X12" Polished
  • Brown Tweed 12"X12" Unpolished
  • Brown Tweed 6"X6" Cross-Slate
  • Brown Tweed 6"X6" Polished
  • Brown Tweed 6"X6" Unpolished
  • Brown Tweed 8"X8" Cross-Slate
  • Brown Tweed 8"X8" Cross-Tread
  • Brown Tweed 8"X8" Unpolished
  • Burgundy Smoke 12"X12" Cross-Slate
  • Burgundy Smoke 12"X12" Polished
  • Burgundy Smoke 12"X12" Unpolished
  • Burgundy Smoke 6"X6" Cross-Slate
  • Burgundy Smoke 6"X6" Polished
  • Burgundy Smoke 6"X6" Unpolished
  • Burgundy Smoke 8"X8" Cross-Slate
  • Burgundy Smoke 8"X8" Cross-Tread
  • Burgundy Smoke 8"X8" Unpolished
  • Graphite 12"X12" Cross-Slate
  • Graphite 12"X12" Polished
  • Graphite 12"X12" Unpolished
  • Graphite 6"X6" Cross-Slate
  • Graphite 6"X6" Polished
  • Graphite 6"X6" Unpolished
  • Graphite 8"X8" Cross-Slate
  • Graphite 8"X8" Cross-Tread
  • Graphite 8"X8" Unpolished
  • Gray Mingle 12"X12" Cross-Slate
  • Gray Mingle 12"X12" Polished
  • Gray Mingle 12"X12" Unpolished
  • Gray Mingle 6"X6" Cross-Slate
  • Gray Mingle 6"X6" Polished
  • Gray Mingle 6"X6" Unpolished
  • Gray Mingle 8"X8" Cross-Slate
  • Gray Mingle 8"X8" Cross-Tread
  • Gray Mingle 8"X8" Unpolished
  • Mercury 12"X12" Cross-Slate
  • Mercury 12"X12" Polished
  • Mercury 12"X12" Unpolished
  • Mercury 6"X6" Cross-Slate
  • Mercury 6"X6" Polished
  • Mercury 6"X6" Unpolished
  • Mercury 8"X8" Cross-Slate
  • Mercury 8"X8" Cross-Tread
  • Mercury 8"X8" Unpolished
  • Mica 12"X12" Cross-Slate
  • Mica 12"X12" Polished
  • Mica 12"X12" Unpolished
  • Mica 6"X6" Cross-Slate
  • Mica 6"X6" Polished
  • Mica 6"X6" Unpolished
  • Mica 8"X8" Cross-Slate
  • Mica 8"X8" Cross-Tread
  • Mica 8"X8" Unpolished
  • Onyx 12"X12" Cross-Slate
  • Onyx 12"X12" Polished
  • Onyx 12"X12" Unpolished
  • Onyx 6"X6" Cross-Slate
  • Onyx 6"X6" Polished
  • Onyx 6"X6" Unpolished
  • Onyx 8"X8" Cross-Slate
  • Onyx 8"X8" Cross-Tread
  • Onyx 8"X8" Unpolished
  • Sand Bisque 12"X12" Cross-Slate
  • Sand Bisque 12"X12" Polished
  • Sand Bisque 12"X12" Unpolished
  • Sand Bisque 6"X6" Cross-Slate
  • Sand Bisque 6"X6" Polished
  • Sand Bisque 6"X6" Unpolished
  • Sand Bisque 8"X8" Cross-Slate
  • Sand Bisque 8"X8" Cross-Tread
  • Sand Bisque 8"X8" Unpolished
  • Stonehenge 12"X12" Cross-Slate
  • Stonehenge 12"X12" Polished
  • Stonehenge 12"X12" Unpolished
  • Stonehenge 6"X6" Cross-Slate
  • Stonehenge 6"X6" Polished
  • Stonehenge 6"X6" Unpolished
  • Stonehenge 8"X8" Cross-Slate
  • Stonehenge 8"X8" Cross-Tread
  • Stonehenge 8"X8" Unpolished
Available Size: 8" X 8"
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Product Line
Cross-Colors Mingles
Sand Bisque 8"X8" Cross-Tread
8" X 8"
Field Tile
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