A Guide to Refinishing Your Wood Floors in Tulsa

Hardwood floors are some of the most advantageous flooring options available on the market. Wood flooring can stand the test of time and wear, especially in busy homes that experience heavy foot traffic throughout the day. These flooring systems are advantageous not just for their practical appeal, but also for the decorative elements they can add to any home. The right style of wood flooring can speak volumes for the decor of the house, especially in rooms that are meant to convey a sense of classic style and rustic beauty.

Although wood flooring does not require a great deal of maintenance, it is important to follow a regular schedule of renewal in order to get the most out of the hardwood floors themselves. As time goes on, the obvious signs of wear may begin to manifest on the wood flooring. Scratches may appear on an otherwise pristine surface, and the natural sheen may start to dull through heavy use. In these circumstances, the best thing that homeowners can do is renew the floor. A polished finish and a practiced hand can allow individuals to restore the natural beauty of their floor. All hardwood floors may be restored in such a way, and regular maintenance may actually make it easier for homeowners to fix up their flooring systems in the future. The refinishing process may need to be done sooner in areas that experience the heaviest foot traffic, but apart from using your judgment in terms of timing, the refinishing process stays largely the same.

In addition to your wood flooring not living up to its full visual potential when you avoid refinishing, there may become mechanical issues that can affect the floor’s functioning over the long-term. Sometimes the hardwood floors may become dilapidated and warped, which makes it noticeably uneven as time goes on. The right application of product will help the floor maintain its shape and functionality.

Getting Started with Refinishing Wood Flooring

To begin, don’t worry about getting everything right the first time. The most important way for you to prepare for the buffing process is to understand that consistency is more important than thoroughness. You want to make sure that your wood flooring is getting treated as appropriate at regularly scheduled intervals. For some systems, it can even be as easy as wetting a piece of cloth and using clean water to wipe away the grime and residue. Use a vacuum cleaner as necessary and pay attention to any scratched sections. Look for bigger scratches, as you may need to use a varnish or wood wax to improve the appearance of your wood flooring.

Inspect Your Wood Flooring

Understanding your wood flooring is key to refinishing it. There are all types of different surfacing systems and finishes that help keep the floor intact. Knowing what is currently working on your floor can help you plan for your procedure much more efficiently, especially if you want to save money on products.

Begin by pouring a little bit of water on the floor and spreading it with a cloth or towel. You want to look at the way the water behaves on hardwood floors. If you spot the water forming small beads, that means that the wood flooring still has its protective polish. In such situations, you do not need to worry about performing a particularly thorough job, as a simple polish and clean will be enough to keep the floor working. If the water starts to leave stains in the wood, it needs to be resealed. Though more intensive than refinishing, it can be done with the right equipment.

Safety Equipment

Before getting started on your wood flooring, it is a good idea to invest in a bit of safety equipment. If you are not going to be working on a very large section of your floor, you do not have to worry about protecting your knees. If you are, however, it is a good idea to invest in some kneepads. Kneepads can help make the refinishing process much easier, especially on older types of wood flooring that are already showing obvious signs of wear and damage. If you are going to be using different types of sealants to keep the floor in good condition, it is also vital for you to consider investing in a safety mask as well.

Remove Furniture and Old Coatings

Before refinishing your wood flooring, always clear the floor as much as possible. Though some permanent furniture fixtures may be left behind as desired, it is vital for you to remove carpets, tables and chairs as necessary in order to make the refinishing process easier. Get rid of old coatings with a wax stripper, as these can result in uneven surfacing and potential design irregularities on your wood flooring. Use acetone or a lacquer thinner if the floor is covered with a varnish.

Deep Refinishing

With the proper safety procedures followed and the area stripped down to the flooring itself, it can be a good idea to plan for sanding. This will ensure that you have an even and smooth surface for your refinishing. Sand as evenly and as carefully as possible, and then take a damp mop to the wood flooring in order to pick up potential debris. Resin-coated cloths, in particular, take out dust efficiently and reduce the appearance of potential issues.

Once the surface has been cleared, the next step in your refinishing is to leave the floor to dry. Once dry, apply a fresh coating of wax to your wood flooring surface. From here, you may decide to work with varnishes or additional protectants, depending on what will look and work best. Be sure to apply three coats of varnish for the longest lasting results to your refinishing project.

Like with any such procedure, if you notice that you are having a hard time refinishing, it can be a good idea to contact the professionals. A capable expert will make the refinishing process easy and comprehensive, especially if you have a larger surface area to cover in your home.

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